The Final Girls Of Horror Nail Polish Collection - Pepper Pot Polish

The Final Girls Of Horror Nail Polish Collection

Pepper Pot Polish

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This listing is for the "Final Girls Of Horror" collection, inspired by the tropes that make up the women that survive your favorite horror movies.

In order of photo:

Sudden Sequel Death Syndrome: "If you're a Final Girl who's in more than one installment of a slasher movie series, your life expectancy drops dramatically.(Again, think Nightmare On Elm Street or Halloween)
Housed in a deep blue/violet base, "Sudden" features all of your favorite bits: rainbow flakes, black flakes, red/violet/green chrome shifting flakes, holo and a blue/purple aurora.(looks awesome over black!)

The Damsel In Distress: "A female character is put into immediate danger in order to put the cast in motion. Her plight unites the cast, causing them to put aside their differences and work together to save her or provide the premise for the quest."
This Damsel doesn't need saving! She's got her own thing going on: Set in a bright magenta base, this polish has blue/green/yellow chrome shifting flakes, black flakes, holo and blue-y/purple aurora in certain light.

The Cutie: "The Cutie is a character who is known for being sweet and lovable, more comic relief than anything, who likes nothing more than to pet little puppies. They make you adore them, root for them and love them.'
This polish is adorable & features a strong orange/red aurora with red/violet/green chrome shifting flakes, & black flakes in a bright and cheery yellow base.

The Hero: "The Hero is almost always right, are a friend to all their teammates & have a well-rounded skill set. They can personally accomplish a variety of goals, but their real superpower is getting the whole diverse set of personalities to focus and pull together."
This polish has it all! Holo, green aurora shimmer, rainbow flakes, black flakes and blue/green/yellow chrome shifting flakes bedded in a bright pumpkin orange base.

What does "5-Free" mean?? 5-Free refers to the 5 ingredients that you DON'T want in your nail polish. These ingredients are carcinogens and are considered dangerous in large doses. Here's the list of ingredients my nail polish DOES NOT have in it, thus making it "5-Free"


*Each batch of Pepper Pot Polish is hand made in small batches in my home, and all steps are taken to ensure that creme and glitter polishes are consistent.

*Due to different light sources for swatch photos, some colors may look different in each photo, so please look at each image to see possible variations. Also, please be advised that some monitors may not "read" a color accurately, so if you have any questions or comments about product, please feel free to send me a message!

Ingredients List:
Butyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate, Nitrocellulose, Adipic Acid/Neopentyl Glycol/Trimellitic Anhydride Copolymer, Acetyl Tributyl Citrate, Isopropyl Alcohol, Acrylates Copolymer, Stearalkonium Bentonite, N-Butyl Alcohol, Styrene/Acrylates Copolymer, Benzophenone-1, Silica, Alumina, Trimethylpentanediyl Dibenzoate,